100 Free Homeschool Resources

As a homeschooler you will always be looking for free items to use in your classroom, and here are 100 Free Homeschool Resources you will love!  From local to you places to look for information, to the great websites out there that offer free resources this list is an excellent comprehensive source.

100 Free Homeschooling Resources

100 Free Homeschool Resources

  1. Local public school (many districts provide curriculum)
  2. Curriculum Share is a great place to find items other homeschoolers have shared for free
  3. Homeschool Creations is a great website run by a homeschooler that loves to share free resources
  4. Homeschool Math is a wonderful free homeschool resource full of concepts, worksheets, reviews and more
  5. Your local public library
  6. Community college library (many will allow homeschoolers to use their library at no charge)
  7. Easy Peasy Homeschool has everything you need to homeschool any grade
  8. Khan Academy
  9. ABCya  is full of fun interactive games that homeschoolers will love.
  10. ABC Mouse
  11. Ancient Web has copious items regarding ancient history and is great for history or geography lessons
  12. Educents has tons of great free and paid curriculum
  13. Teachers Pay Teachers is a great collection of teachers supplies, printables and curriculum. Many are free, but there are also many items you can purchase.
  14. SAT Practice site gives your kids a place to do review pages, drills and practice test for preparation for their SAT
  15. Free Homeschool Deals posts free printables, deals and unit studies daily.
  16. MOPS groups offer great activities for moms and kids in preschool ages to learn and grow before school
  17. Power Typing has great typing tests for practice
  18. National Park Service has information on all of the parks, wildlife and foliage within.
  19. National Geographic not only has magazine subscriptions, but a great website that allows kids to learn for free
  20. Discovery Education has tons of resources for science and more
  21. Local government seat is great for getting tours and behind the scenes information about the judicial system in your area.
  22. Local police department will provide materials on the dangers of drugs and alcohol
  23. Reading Eggs has tons of tips and lessons to help your child learn to read
  24. Donna Young has everything from free printables to complete unit studies on her site.
  25. World Atlas offers up to date maps across the world for easy to adapt geography lessons
  26. Robotics is a great way to get kids involved in engineering, coding and more
  27. Code Academy is a great resource to teach your kids all about computer programming
  28. Open Culture has thousands of resources for educational purpose for free
  29. Bartleby has thousands of free eBooks for poetry, educational resources, classics and biographies
  30. Ck-12 has tons of great free lesson plans and review worksheets as well as a handful of paid upgrade options
  31. Learner has tons of lessons on everything from language to history
  32. MIT even got into the game with great video lessons on a wide variety of subjects
  33. Google Lit Trips is a great site that allows you to follow literature on the map through the years
  34. Math Shack has truly unlimited problems for kids to work in various mathematics subjects like algebra, calculus and trigonometry
  35. Classics For Kids is a great resource for teaching music history and appreciation for free
  36. Local museums and galleries that have free nights or days to allow you to take your kids to observe, learn and find out more about local art as well as history.
  37. TedEd has tons of great educational videos on a wide variety of subjects for all ages
  38. Watch Know Learn has thousands of videos to watch on all subjects from mathematics to foreign language
  39. YouTube has thousands of educational channels with videos and lessons on everything from computer programming to biology or chemistry experiments
  40. Google Art Project is a phenomenal site with access to thousands of different art styles, lessons and information to learn from
  41. Local zoos have free events that allow you to go in and learn up close and personal about your favorite animals.
  42. 50 States is a huge resource of information on each individual state, their history and government procedures.
  43. Local veterinarian offices will often allow you to tour their kennel or shadow a vet for a day to learn more about the health of domestic pets
  44. Paleontology Portal has tons of information to turn into lesson plans, or simply use for extra reading for those who are interested in paleontology.
  45. The Parks Forestry Service has tons of information available about the growth of trees and foliage in your individual area as well across the nation
  46. History Matters is a great resource for older children, teens and college students
  47. Physics 4 Kids is a great resource for basic physics lessons
  48. Philosophy For Kids is a great resource to get critical thinking happening in the classroom
  49. Atlas Of The Universe is an amazing resource for truly visualizing the galaxy and world as we know it
  50. Dynamic Periodic Table is a fabulous resource for teaching about the periodic table of elements no matter the age
  51. Local law libraries will allow you to come in and utilize some resources to learn more about the current law and judicial system
  52. Grammarly has a free resource to help check spelling, grammar and word usage
  53. Sheppard Software has tons of lessons, printables and resources
  54. NASA has tons of great information available for kids to learn about the space program, engineering, rocketry and astronomy
  55. Try Science is an amazing resource with activities, lessons and more for all ages
  56. XtraMath is a great resource that has free options for math lessons, reviews and worksheets
  57. Cosmos 4 Kids is a great site to learn more about astronomy, our galaxy and the Cosmos in general
  58. Kid Zone offers great free printable math worksheets
  59. Arcademics is a fun video game method of teaching math concepts
  60. Google Maps gives you an easy to access and navigate mapping system for geography classes
  61. Local historical landmarks are great ways to focus on specific times in history within your state
  62. Local nurseries will often let you come in to learn hands on about growing various plants in your local climate
  63. Encyclopedia Smithsonian gives you countless resources
  64. State senate is a great place to observe higher power legislature in action
  65. Classroom Earth is a great teacher resource for helping promote Eco-friendly and aware curriculum
  66. PBS Teachers gives you amazing resources, printable items and even some lesson plans
  67. State Board of Education will often have excellent resources in office as well as online
  68. Homeschool has thousands of resources, articles and online magazines to browse for your classroom
  69. Homeschool Math is a great resource created to help homeschool kids learn math concepts with ease
  70. Spelling City has tons of options include a free and paid version of spelling drills and reviews
  71. Handwriting For Kids has hundreds of handwriting and even cursive worksheets for practice free to print
  72. Number Nut has tons of mathematics related games and activities
  73. Calculation Nation has amazing games and resources for math
  74. Starfall is an excellent way tot help teach your kids phonics and basic reading skills
  75. Handwriting Worksheets has tons of great options to create ways to help your kids with writing skills
  76. All About Birds is a great resource to learn about hundreds of bird species
  77. Kids Astronomy is an excellent free resource for astronomy lessons on a kids level
  78. Scratch is a great free kids programming resource developed by MIT to teach even your youngest how to make their own computer programs
  79. Home Educators Resource Directory is a free site that directs you to information, resources and lesson plans that are both free and paid
  80. Confessions Of A Homeschooler is a great site of a homeshooler that shares lesson plans, tips on organization and free homeschool resources regularly
  81. Ambleside Online offers a free homeschool curriculum in the Charlotte Mason method
  82. Currclick offers weekly freebies
  83. Unschoolers are unique in they don’t use a traditional classroom plan or curriculum and this site offers tons of information and resources
  84. PBS Kids has tons of great education information and games for kids
  85. Bible Gateway is an online Bible in all versions available for easy access in Bible classes
  86. Hippo Campus has tons of high school and college helps
  87. Lapbook Lessons is a favorite resource for free units and lapbook lessons
  88. Classical House Of Learning offers free classic literature guides that are perfect for high school student studies
  89. Local county extension groups often have free meetings that teach everything from basic gardening to crocheting or knitting
  90. A2Z Homeschooling has tons of excellent free resources for your classroom
  91. Ron Paul Curriculum has a unique free offer of liberty, social science and humanities curriculum written and approved by the former Presidential candidate
  92. Pearson Homeschooling offers tons of free resources for every grade level
  93. Local homeschool co-op groups can offer great opportunities for art, music and other elective classes for free (or cheap)
  94. Dad’s Worksheets has thousands of free printable math worksheets
  95. Daily Grammar is a great resource for language and grammar lessons
  96. Enchanted Learning offers some great free resources, as well as a paid upgrade
  97. Scholastic has thousands of free lesson plans for homeschoolers and teachers to use
  98. Math Drills has thousands of math worksheets to print for free
  99. Mrs. Perkins Dolch Words is a great place to work with your child on reading skills
  100. Reading Bear is a great phonics based free reading review program your kids will love using.

This list of 100 free homeschool resources will give you plenty of information to keep your kids well educated at no out of pocket cost!

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