100+ Ideas For Winter Unit Study

Are you looking for a Winter unit study that offers Icicles, snowballs, mittens, polar bears, and penguins? If you are looking for winter-themed crafts, activities, snacks, unit studies, science, and more you have landed in the right place.

Winter Unit Study
Winter Unit Study

Just scroll on down and look for the topic you need, grab an activity or two from the list and create your own mini or full-sized Winter Unit Study to enjoy with your kids.

Everything you could possibly need to make a wonderful winter unit study is listed below!

Books for a Winter Unit Study

The Long Winter  is perfect for a winter unit study. The Long Winter Unit Study offers several book based activities for you to do.

Winter on The Farm

Winter lesson plan

Winter Days in The Big Woods

The Story of Snow

Over & Under The Snow

There Was a Cold Lady Who Swallowed Some Snow

Animals in Winter

Snow/Snowflakes for your Winter Unit Study

From the uniquely amazing patterns of snowflakes to snow-dusted trees there is a little something for everyone.

Make sweet snowy memories with your children (even if you don’t live anywhere near  snow). It is easy to learn with your littles when you are both having so much fun.

Snowflake Coffee Filter

Sugared Snowflake Recipe

Steam Preschool Building a Snowflake

Melting Snow Science Experiment

Make Your Own Play Snow

Snowflake Paper Fairies

Snowy Crystal Trees

Crystal Snowflake Experiment

Appearing Snowflakes

Button Snowflake Crafts

Snowflake Window Cling

Crystal Snowflake Science

Snowy Winter Scene

Super Fluffy Snow Slime

Snow Slime Play

How to Make Fake Snow

Snowflake Winter Craft

Elsa’s Snow Queen Sugar Scrub

Snowflake Marshmallows

Easy Homemade Fake Snow

Snow Slope Imaginary Play

Fine Motor Snowflake Art

Snowball Addition Mats

Beaded Snowflake Craft

Snowflake Winter Sensory Bin 

Name Snowflakes

Shimmery Sensory Snow

How to Make Snow Paint

Snowmen for your Winter lesson plan

Do you want to build a snowman? Or paint one? Make one from paper? Make a cookie one?

Here you will find all the snowman crafts, activities, and treats you could possibly need for your Winter Unit Study! 

Melted Snowman Craft

Fun and Easy Snowman Bark

Melted Snowman in a Jar

Build a Snowman Playdough

Crystal Snowmen

Snowman Project

Melted Snowman Craft and Poem

Coffee Filter Snowman

Easy Paper Snowman Craft

Snowman and Cardinal Craft

Felt Snowman Craft

Nutter Butter Snowman Cookies

Roll a Snowman

Snowman Snow Measuring Stick Craft

DIY Snowman Kit in a Jar

Ice/Icicles ideas for your Winter Unit Study

Brrrrr…All things ice, and drippy cold icicles are below, make and enjoy winter bath bombs, create beautiful works of art from colored ice blocks, and learn how to make ice melt faster!

Winter Icicle Bath Bombs

Magnetic Ice Skating Craft

Ice Bowls Activity

How to Make Ice Melt Faster Investigation

Ice Sculptures

Ice Birdseed Ornaments

Ice Melting Activity

20 Fun Things to Freeze in Ice Blocks

Ice Cube Igloo

How to Make an Amazing Ice Cave

Winter Crafting With Nature

Winter Animals to study and create for your Winter Unit Study

Help answer your child’s questions like -How and why do animals hibernate?  How do animals stay warm in winter?

Make adorable penguin cookies or make a winter animal paper chain to count down the days. If its winter and critters combined you will find something below to keep everyone occupied when indoors. 

Snowy Owl Craft With Printables

Polar Bear Origami

Polar Bear Corner Bookmark

Penguin Corner Bookmark

Handprint Penguin

Penguin Cookies Book Craft

Narwhal Winter Scrape Painting

Polar Bear Art

Penguin Pencil Holder

Winter Animal Paper Chain

Ice Skating Penguin Sensory play

Fine Motor Bear Craft- Hibernation Unit

Polar Bear Paper Plate

Penguin Windsocks

Pine Cone Winter Owl Craft

Paper Plate Yarn Penguin Craft

3D Shape Penguin Craft

Roll a Penguin Playdough Mat

How do Animals Stay Warm in Winter

Shape Polar Bear Craft

Paper Polar Bear Craft

Animal Science

Winter  –

Everything else winter made it’s way here, snacks, art, science, and so much more to top off your Winter Unit Study and keep the kids busy, learning, and happy! 

Bundle up for these cute ideas and walk through the Winter Wonderland of fun while learning and discovering the beauty of winter.

Wintergreen Playdough

Winter Word Search

Winter Bingo

Mitten Winter Art

Hot Chocolate Playdough

Winter Preschool Worksheets

Winter Wonderland Playdough

Winter Puzzle With Craft Sticks

Winter Paper Plate Wreath

Winter Window Star

Winter Science Investigation

Winter Scavenger Hunt

Winter Playdough Invitation to Play

Winter Sensory Bin

PomPom Mittens 

Wintergreen Playdough

Snowy Winter Scene

Printable Winter Paper Dolls

Epsom Salt Winter Jars

Winter Hat Scratch Art

Winter Paper Chain

Winter Wonderland Worksheet

Sparly Handprint Mittens Craft

Photo Eskimo Craft

Winter Fine Motor- Sewing Mittens

Winter Art-Mitten Printable

Winter Memory Match Game

Crayon Resist Winter Landscape

Oil Pastel Winter Tree

Mitten Craft With Printable Mitten

Sights and Sounds of Winter

Winter Scavenger Hunt

Winter Paper Dolls

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