Apple Pie Sensory Playdough

Fall comes with beautiful colors, textures, and scents that make us all want to immerse ourselves in it! If your little one loves to dig into sensory experiences, or you have never tried them before but want to, then this fall themed apple pie sensory play is a great place to start! It is loaded up with delicious clove, cinnamon, and nutmeg scents that make the room smell delicious and give your little one a chance to work on little hand muscles and a big imagination. Use things that you already have on hand to create this Apple Pie Sensory Playdough.These playdough recipes are perfect for sensory activities.

Apple Pie Sensory Playdough

I didn’t use a recipe to make this, just provide your child with about a cup of flour and about a 1/2 cup of water as your pie base. Set out apple pie spice, cinnamon, whole cloves, allspice, and ginger, whatever you have on hand. Many of these spices can be found at Dollar Tree and are worth the investment for the children’s playtime.


Provide your child with a bowl and utensils for mixing, a rolling pin, cookie cutters, and a mini pie pan, I love these little disposable ones!   The simple acts of mixing, stirring, and kneading are not just fun, they build up your child’s fine motor muscles and develop them for writing.


Encourage them to roll out their dough, cut it out with cookie cutter shapes, and make a pie in the tin. Mini played with it for over an hour. She’s 12 and she loves homemade playdough.

While the kids are making play dough apple pies, you can use the apple pie filling to make a homemade apple pie.


Boys and girls alike enjoy sensory play, using their imaginations, and creating little apple pies. You can even have them practice spelling out words or making letters with the whole cloves in the top of their pies to turn it into a learning experience as well.

You can keep the dough for a few days in the refrigerator, I wouldn’t recommend any longer than that.


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