Easy and Cute Happy Bunny Rabbit Cupcakes

These happy bunny rabbit cupcakes will have your child squealing with delight.

Happy bunny rabbit cupcakes


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With the warmer weather of Spring going on, bunnies are hopping and grazing all over my small acre homestead. 

I thought these easy rabbit cupcakes would be the perfect snack to go along with a unit study.

Have a mini lesson about rabbits while waiting for your rabbit cupcakes to cook and cool. 

If your child loves The Tale of Peter Rabbit these would be a cute snack to go with that story too.

Easy Happy Bunny Rabbit Cupcakes


A boxed cake mix or your favorite cupcake recipe
White Frosting
Star icing Tip – you can also use a grass tip and it works great
Pink Sparking Sugar
Mini Jelly Beans

How to make bunny rabbit cupcakes


1. Bake up your cupcakes and allow time for them to cool.

2. While you  are waiting for them to cool you can cut your marshmallows diagonally to create ears.

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Making marshmallow rabbit ears

3. Dip the ears in the pink sparking sugar.

Marshmallow bunny rabbit ears

4. Frost your cupcakes. I used a star for my icing but you can skip that all together and frost them with a knife and roll them in coconut flakes to mimic the bunny fur. 

Creating happy bunny rabbit cupcakes

5. Once your cakes are frosted attach your bunny ears on top and add a mini jellybean for the nose.

Cute happy bunny cupcake idea

We had so much fun making these bunny rabbit cupcakes. They were easy to do and tasted oh so good. 

Create these ahead of time and offer to let your child finish them by adding the ears and nose after they finish a unit study and book about rabbits.

They will remember so much more of the lesson and the memories made with you.

Bunny cupcakes idea

Check out the video on YouTube

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