Easy Owl Pine Cone Craft for Kids

Do you have owl fans in your home? Or perhaps you are teaching your children about owls. Whatever the case may be, this owl pine cone craft is the perfect owl themed craft for kids. Take a peek below at how you can make your easy owl pine cone craft for kids. It is the perfect fall craft they are sure to get a hoot out of.

Owl pine cone craft

Owl Pine Cone Craft for Kids


Supplies needed:
Pine cones
Felt in various colors
Googly eyes
Hot glue, glue gun


1. Begin by cutting out the shapes you will need for your owl. You will need two large circles, two ovals, a triangle for the beak, and two small feet in the shape of your choice.

2. Place the two circles near the top of the pine cone. Adhere with glue. Once dry, glue the googly eyes over the felt circles. Allow to dry.

3. Your ovals will be the wings of your owl. Add some glue and press to the side of your pine cone.

4. The triangle will serve as the beak, so add a dab of glue and press directly under the eyes of the owl.

5. Finally add some glue to the feet shape, and press it near the bottom.


Once your glue is dried the pine cone owl is ready to be displayed. Give these easy and cute pine cone owl fall craft a try. It is one your kids are sure to love.

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