Fun and Easy Popcorn Craft For Kids

Popcorn isn’t just for snack time! Make this fun Popcorn Craft for Kids to use on movie night, or around the fall feasts when corn harvests are happening. It’s fun, inexpensive, and super fun idea that kids will love making!

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Popcorn Craft for kids

Are you looking for a craft that goes along a Native American Unit Study? This easy popcorn craft idea will be perfect for you. Plus, you’ll have a great afternoon snack while you craft.

Easy Popcorn Craft For Kids

I love that the supplies for this popcorn craft are probably on hand already.  Nobody wants to go spend a bunch of money, so this makes an ideal way to keep kids happy on an otherwise boring school day or day at home!

Supplies Needed for Popcorn Craft

Green construction paper
Yellow construction paper
Elmers glue
Popcorn (popped – plain with no butter/flavors)

Kids popcorn Craft

Create this easy kid’s Popcorn Craft:

1. Draw a corn like shape with pointy ends on your yellow paper
2. Draw two corn like shapes with pointy ends on your green paper
3. Cut your shapes out

Popcorn Craft for kids
4. Glue your two green pieces on the back of your yellow piece to look like corn on
the cob
5. Put a healthy amount of glue on the front of the yellow piece of paper

Popcorn craft idea
6. Start gluing the popcorn on the yellow paper (if you don’t have enough glue on it
will not stick)
7. Your corn on the cob is now ready to display

Making this fun fall themed craft is a great idea for incorporating into unit studies and lesson plans around harvest or corn.  With no major mess involved, it can be a fun craft for any age, and is, of course, a great one to snack on as you work.  Just remember that the popcorn isn’t edible after you glue it down to the page!


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