Felt Snowman Craft for Kids

Weather nasty outside? No snow for a snowman? The kids will have fun dressing up this snowman in this Felt Snowman Craft for Kids. This craft will keep them busy. Have them help you cut out the shapes and then let them have fun dressing their felt snowman up.felt snowman craft for kids

Materials for Felt Snowman Craft

12×15 3/4 piece of white felt
Orange, black, and green felt
Velcro stickers
Black marker
felt snowman craft for kids
Instructions for Snowman Felt Craft

1. Draw a snowman shape on your white felt
2. Cut it out with scissors
snowman craft for kids
3. Now cut out 2 small black circles for the eyes, 4 small black circles for the mouth, 3 larger black circles for the buttons, a long orange triangle for the carrot nose, a black top hat, and 2 green long rectangles for the scarf
5. Hot glue your 2 pieces of green felt together for the scarf, but not to the snowman
6. Now you can stick your Velcro stickers into the back of your snowman cutouts (use only the rough side)
7. Now your kids can make their own snowman!
felt snowman craft
Now you have everything for your Felt Snowman Craft for Kids, if  you wanna get really creative, cut out more pieces, different hats, noses, ect.  If you cut out more than one, kids can create a whole Snowman family. Dressing the snowman will work on fine motor skills.

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