Felt Snowman Craft

Home decor can cost a pretty penny if you are trying to decorate for all the seasons and holidays. So if you are looking for a way to decorate for Winter this felt snowman craft is easy and frugal. Invite the kids to help and have a craft day. I’ve listed several more Snowman posts at the end of this post that will make your craft day even more fun.

Felt Snowman Wall Craft

Supplies needed for Felt Snowman Wall Hanging

Felt Snowman

Embroidery hoop
White, red, orange, black craft felt
Craft glue

Directions for Felt Snowman Wall Craft

Snowman Wall Craft
Felt Wall Craft

1. Begin by placing the white felt between the embroidery hoop pieces. Pull it tightly and secure.
2. Use the scissors to trim away any extra felt around the edges of the hoop.
3. Cut out the face of your snowman. You will need some small black circles for a coal mouth, an orange carrot nose, and some white and black circles for eyes. You can also cut out a red strip for a scarf.

4. Assemble the felt pieces on the white felt to create the face of the snowman. You can arrange them as shown or create your own look. Kids can easily do this step to create the face!
5. Secure the felt pieces with glue. Your felt snowman wall hanging is now ready to be enjoyed.

This craft is super easy and fun. You can let the kids play with adding the face and taking it off before you attach it permanently.

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