Homeschool Unit Study: If You Give A Pig A Pancake

Do you love using a great Homeschool Unit Study?  Look no further than this great Homeschool Unit Study for If You Give a Pig A Pancake.  This book is a great fun addition to your homeschool classroom, and your kids will love learning in the midst of play time! Find even more unit study ideas.

Check out our top Homeschool Unit Study for the book If You Give a Pig a Pancake! This fun farm inspired book and unit study will be a hit with kids!

A visit to your local library can provide you with an amazing homeschool unit study

Silly and fun, If You Give A Pig A Pancake by Laura Numeroff is a hit with kids and I have to say at least this momma loves it too! A great story that follows a Pig’s wandering train of thought from pancake to syrup to bathtub and back again. If your looking for a great pancake recipe to go with this unit, we have one of those for you here.

Homeschool Unit Study If You Give A Pig A Pancake

Below you will find some of our top picks for how to build a great homeschool unit study using this great book all kids love!

Math Activities for Homeschool Unit Study

  1. Print one or both of the pancake math worksheets. We have a basic math and more advanced single digit multiplication one for you.
  2. Flip through the book and count on every page; the number of pancakes, drawer pulls on the dresser (even numbers are perfect for beginning skip counting), the number of steps on the staircase, photos on the table top, etc..
  3. Cut a large pancake from brown construction paper, cut it into quarters like a pie. Introduce basic fractions like whole, half, one fourth. Or cut a few more pieces for more advanced fractions.
  4. Use Cookie Crisp cereal (which also resembles a chocolate chip pancake) as a math manipulative/counter and use for skip counting or one to one correspondence, simple addition and subtraction problems- hands on is always more fun!
Pancake Prompt

Language Arts Activities for Homeschool Unit Study

  1. Read the book several times! If your child is reading have them read it to you or at least “help” with the words they know.
  2. Create Pancake flashcards- Use a sharpie to write letters or sight words on brown construction paper you have cut into circles. Play a game using a spatula to flip and then identify the letter or sight word.
  3. Flip through the book and quiz your child on positional words, ask questions like, What is next to the pig, Is the pig above or below the girl? Who is under the bed? Etc.
  4. Make up your own stories, take turns saying the “If” sentences, If you give a mom a …… and so on.
  5. Use the prompt on handwriting paper we provided for you and have your child right a few sentences or more.
pig and pancake sensory bin

Sensory Ideas for Homeschool Unit Study 

  1. A fantastic cooking bin makes for a great themed sensory bin. Flour, or sugar, bowls, measuring spoons, and cups, a whisk, a sifter…perhaps you feel brave enough to add water? I popped in a pig from our Little People Farm Set for fun.
  2. Have a blindfolded taste test; blindfold your child if they are willing and give them small tastes of common foods like; syrup, grape jelly, whip cream, chocolate syrup – have them guess what they’ve tasted(things you might put on a pancake to keep in theme)

Art Ideas for Homeschool Unit Study 

  1. Create little pigs or pancakes by dipping your child’s thumb in ink, pressing it on blank paper, have them draw in the details.Make a paper plate pig like this one. I gave her pink paint, 2 large
  2. Make a paper plate pig like this one. I gave her pink paint, 2 large googly eyes and a few basic shapes for the features and let her glue the pig together. Don’t forget a large popsicle stick for a handle.
homeschool unit study if you give a pig a pancake

Additional  Ideas for Homeschool Unit Study

  • Make our wonderful Chocolate Chip Pancakes
  • Take pictures
  • Write and mail a letter
  • Dance
  • Make pancakes together
  • Let them play in the tub
  • Play dress up

Don’t forget to make sure you pick up the Hardcover book for this homeschool unit study before you begin.  Another fun addition you might like is to make breakfast using the Pig Pancake Pan on the day you begin your study!

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