How to Use Camping in Your Homeschool

Camping makes for a great and frugal family vacation. Adventures are had and memories are made. If you are a homeschooling parent you may be trying to figure out how to use camping in your homeschool. Think of camping as a huge field trip packed with unforgettable hands-on learning opportunities.

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how to use camping in your homeschool

How to Use Camping in Your Homeschool

While planning your camping trip pick up books on local flora and fauna to act as your guide. Teach the children how to forage and fish for dinner. While these skills are not needed day to day they can come in handy in an emergency and they teach problem-solving skills.

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Not ready to jump in that deep? That’s ok use your guide to learn about the interesting things you find.

Download the geocaching app before you head out and give your child the chance to learn all about reading maps to find their way around on this fun scavenger hunt activity.

Old fashioned map reading is a great skill to learn because GPS is not known for being 100% reliable and you never know when you will not have it available.

Learn about why it is important to take care of the earth while on your camping trip. Making a point to spend some time cleaning up trash left behind by other campers and hikers.

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Discuss the importance of cleaning up these messes and why we should always leave nature better than we found it. Ask your child to find a piece of trash and discuss how that particular piece of trash is or could eventually affect the environment around you.

Look up at the skies. Before you go camping pick up a guide to the stars and use your camping trip to enjoy an amazing astronomy lesson.

Out in nature, you do not have the lights of the city stopping you from enjoying the stars in the sky. It is worth staying up late to enjoy the spectacular view.

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By the end of  the camping trip your children will learn to appreciate the things they have and learn the difference between wants and needs. Spend time on your camping trip to discuss how camping is different than home.

Talk about what you have given up for your trip and what things you could not give up. Discuss the difference between wants and needs. You need clothes, food, and shelter but you don’t need TV, cell phones, internet, etc.

I hope these tips how to use camping in your homeschool help you to make the most of your camping trip for you and your homeschooler. 

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