llama llama mad at mama Unit Study

The activities in this llama llama mad at mama Unit Study will help your child learn how to deal with frustration and anger.

llama llama mad at mama book with a calm down bottle and red balloon

I am a huge fan of all things llama llama, super fun to read and always a good lesson in every book. The rhyming and repeating words make her stories entertaining for kids and adults alike.

This particular book in the series is (obviously) about a little llama that gets mad at his mama when he has to go shopping with her. He is overwhelmed by too much noise, and too much waiting and throws a fit.

llama llama mad at mama Unit Study

I really think this book is a great reminder to parents too, that sometimes the outside world can be so overwhelming to little ones, and even our older ones that live on the spectrum. Often we can help in this by demonstrating calming techniques. These plans include some tools that I hope you find useful, as well as some math and literacy ideas, and just some plain old fun.

Math activities for llama llama mad at mama

Write numbers 1-20 (or higher if you have an older child) on a 3×5 card or piece of paper, give the paper and a marker or crayon to your child. As you go up and down the aisles help your child find the numbers; written on cans, sale papers, aisle signs, sale signs, etc.

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When you do have to take your child to the grocery store with you during this week take the time to; identify the numbers on the aisles, have them count bananas in the bunch, Besides teaching your child numbers and counting you will be keeping them busy and distracted, meaning less chance of a meltdown.

Print the worksheet below, cut the numbers and use them to practice basic addition, subtraction, and some greater/less than. Keeping the worksheet in a plastic page protector will extend the life of paper. Put the small pieces in a snack bag and attach with a paperclip. This can be used on many different unit studies as well.

llama llama mad at mama math sheet

Language activities for llama llama mad at mama

Read the book to and with your child, point out simple words that they may recognize and in, on up, the, and to. Encourage them to repeat the words, then find them again.

Label 2 sheets of paper- One to be headed with OK and one with Not Ok (smiley face and a sad face are also a great visual for these).

Discuss with your child appropriate responses to anger or frustration and inappropriate responses. List them beneath the proper heading. If your child is old enough have them write it themselves for additional handwriting practice.

Sensory Activities for llama llama mad at mama

Create a calm down bottle one of several ways- Combine 2 parts water to 1 part cooking oil in a water bottle, add glitter and a few beads.  Simply use water, food color, and glitter.  3 parts colored hair gel to 1 part water, and glitter. A fun and therapeutic tool for helping to distract and calm an upset child.

A sensory bin is a great calm down tool. For the purpose of calming down an overstimulated child I like to include a lot of soft, moldable mediums such as; pompoms, foam blocks, chenille pipe cleaners, felt, fake fur, and sometimes play dough.

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You could also use cotton balls, cotton batting, fabric, and  feathers. Another great idea for a creating a relaxed feeling is  to lightly spray the bin with a lavender scented spray- lavender is known to have a very calming effect.

You can also make your own stress balls from balloons.  Buy good quality thick balloon, stretch the opening around a funnel, pour in flour, and tie off balloon. Make a couple of these, leave a few at home and one in your purse. These are great to take when you are out and about. You can also use playdough in play of the flour.

Art activities for llama llama mad at mama

Glue one popsicle stick horizontally on a large sheet of paper, glue another two vertically to form legs.  Cover the body (horizontally placed stick) with one of the following; pompoms, fake fur, felt, yarn, cotton balls.

Press your thumb in paint and stamp a head on your llama.  Glue on 2 small google eyes. Draw two long ears on your llama. Now color to create a scene for your llama, be it a grassy field or grocery store!

Create a food collage to keep your child busy during your next grocery trip. Provide your child with a pair of scissors (great for fine motor skills ) and some old magazines.  Allow them to cut out pictures of food and glue on paper to create a collage.  Bring the book when you go to the store and make a game of finding food like the pictures.

Snack ideas for llama llama mad at mama

Llamas eat various grasses and hay, serve your child a bowl of pretzel sticks, chow mein noodles, bran type cereal, or any other snack type food that resembles hay and call it llama feed.

Spoon cottage cheese or vanilla yogurt into an oval shape the plate, add pretzel stick legs, and raisin eyes, and 2 slivered almonds for his tall ears.

llama llama mad at mama Read Aloud Video

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