Oreo Turkey Pops

How cute are these Oreo Turkey Pops? They would look awesome on your Thanksgiving Dinner table, if they made it that long. Your guests and their little ones will be amazed.

Oreo Turkey Pop

Oreo Turkey Pops


Oreo Turkey Pop Ingredients

These are the ingredients you will need to make your Oreo Turkey Pops.  You may even want to round up the kids and have them help.  They will have so much fun.

Oreo Turkey Pop Directions

Here’s an example of how you attach the stick to the cookie.  I would keep this an adult step or older children.  Little ones may break lots of cookies trying to get it right.

Oreo Turkey Pop Directions

This is my favorite part besides eating them.  Look at all that chocolate!

Oreo Turkey Pops

Come back and let me know if you make these little guys.  I’d love to see your pictures.


4 thoughts on “Oreo Turkey Pops”

  1. Now, how fun are these?! My little guy would love to make these…if he could keep his fingers from popping the candy corn and cookies in his mouth, haha!!! These would be perfect for kids’ classroom treats for Thanksgiving parties too! Love it!

  2. This is cute but I feel like it doesn’t tell me enough. But, maybe I’m just a newbie. lol How do you get the little oreo (I’m assuming that’s the front) to stick on? Do you coat the big oreo first and then add it?

    1. Hi Julie, that’s exactly what you do. Coat the big Oreo and add the little on while the chocolate is still soft then dip to coat the little Oreo. Hope this helps.

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