The Good Dinosaur Finger Followers

The Good Dinosaur Finger Puppet Craft

The Good Dinosaur Finger Followers


Supplies needed: Colorful craft foam, scissors, glue
The Good Dinosaur Finger Followers

Create these cute The Good Dinosaur finger followers, much like finger puppets and perfect for following along with the pages of the book. Here is how you can make your own.

1. Cut the foam into two pear shapes. You can freehand these shapes quite easily.
2. Cut a circle into the smaller end of the pair shape. This is where your fingers will go.
3. Using an alternate color of foam, cut out small triangles to use as nails.
4. Glue the nails to the larger end of the pear. You will now see the dinosaur foot shape appear.
5. Slide your fingers into the dinosaur feet and start having fun. You can make them kick, dance, and of course follow along the pages of the book.

The Good Dinosaur Feet

The Good Dinosaur Craft for Kids


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