U.S. Presidents Unit Study

I hope you were able to grab some new ideas and get a fresh perspective on pulling together elements for the American Symbols and Landmarks Unit Study yesterday.  I wanted to follow it up with an idea that seemed to go hand in hand with it a U.S. Presidents Unit Study.  We gather our resources from our bookshelf, Amazon, and the library to create a well rounded adventure to enjoy for this US Presidents unit study. Not necessarily putting a time limit on it, just continuing on until it feels like we are done, this may be different for every family, you can spend a week or dive in deeper over an entire school year.  This topic is fun and leads to many conversations about political parties, term limits,  presidential childhoods, and questions like- “How does one get to be president?”. I gathered some resources to get you started on your own unit study on U.S. Presidents…

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US Presidents Unit Study


How about this fun free printable song to memorize the presidents at Living Laughing and Loving?

HERE are some great ides for a Presidents lapbook at Homeschool Share, we have added this to our list of must do’s this year!

It’s important to teach  your child about the voting process.  While this particular post about Election Day at Welcome to Room 36  is for brick and mortar environment I think it could be used very succesfully at home as well.

There is some great information on Timeline: Guide to U.S. Presidents on Scholastic.


Every unit study we do is based mostly on books that we have on hand, I have a slight buying addiction when it comes to books for school!  The rest are borrowed from the library. We already had some great ones on hand that we used, here are a handful.

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So You Want to Be President?– We have read this one several times and enjoy the fun peek into many of our American President’s lives-where they lived, what they do for fun, nicknames, birthplaces, and more.


this amazing unit study based on this book at Surviving a Teacher’s Salary- snacks, activities, and crafts all included to go along.

abraham lincoln

Who Was George Washington?-  There are many presidents as well as other famous people in this series and it is a great read aloud for early elementary or independent reading for older children.

george washington

Additional Resources for your US presidents unit study:

I picked up this parchment paper at a homeschool convention but found it HERE on Amazon for you, it hangs in our homeschool room all the time but gets pulled down from time to time for closer study. It has  all the U.S. Presidents from George Washington all the way to our current president listed on it.

u.s. presidents

Professor Noggin’s President’s of the United States

president cards

Safari Ltd Presidents Toob


Melissa & Doug Presidents of the USA Floor Puzzle

president puzzle

Who is your households  favorite president to study? We are partial to Honest Abe…

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  1. Jenn @ SimpleAtHome.com

    I love that you found so many games to teach presidents. Learning is so much more fun when you turn it into play.

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